Decorating Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Decorating Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Decorating small living spaces in Dallas apartments usually causes lots of frustration and stress. Most of our time is spent in living area on daily basis. When you have small-sized living spaces, you need to find solutions that can help you smartly decorate the space and still keep it open and inviting. Let’s take a look at some of these solutions.

First thing that you should pay attention to is the clutter control. Even the large living areas will look drab when they have clutter all around. Small spaces can get overwhelmed when you put too many items in them. So, if you live in small apartments in Dallas Texas then you should definitely pay attention to clutter control. It is a good idea to add some hidden storage solutions. You can also maximize space underneath your end tables and coffee tables to keep clutter at bay.

Bringing in too many furniture items is also a mistake when you live in small apartments. Small living areas may not be able to accommodate sofas, chairs, coffee tables and end tables all at same time. Also, when you have small spaces you keep dropping on your clutter on any furniture items that you see. Reducing the amount of furniture pieces in the living area won’t just help you in increasing your floor space but will also help you to reduce clutter.

Many people make the mistake of using too big furnishings. Small spaces can’t really handle those big sectional sofas, side chairs or art pieces. To start with, you should bring in only the most essential furniture piece for the living room, i.e. the sofa. A loveseat can also be a good option if you can’t adjust full-sized sofa in your living room. After the sofa, add some other essential pieces but remember not to overcrowd the space at all.

When it comes to colors, remember not to go for anything that is too dark in color. If you do so, your space will start feeling even smaller. You can easily overwhelm your living area with way too many textures or patterns as well as color. As far as decorating small living areas are concerned, you should better stick to neutral and light shades. Three-color palettes are best suited for the small spaces and they work best with all-white décor.

Also, when you choose big furnishings, such as shelving system or sofa, you should better go for lighter woods and solid colors. For bringing your living space to life, make use of small patterns and brighter colors in the décor.

When it comes to lighting, select wall-mounted, recessed, hanging lighting solutions. Small spaces can also be enhanced with floor up-lighting. When your living area does not receive too much natural light, you should choose lighter shades in flooring, walls, furnishings and décor as it will help in brightening up the living area of your apartments in Dallas TX.